Thursday, August 5, 2010

Convention season -- it's a storm of OMGOMGOMG for me

I am really sad that I won't be at gamescom for the first hands-on with Guild Wars 2, but honestly, I find it hard to stay disappointed for long. Gen Con is this weekend, and then PAX.

Oh my gosh, PAX. This is an event I've wanted to attend for several years, but never had the opportunity. (That sentence was so mangled. If Bree ever sees that, she'll kill me in my sleep.) And in 29 days, I will be in Seattle, WA, attending PAX Prime. 28 days, actually, since I plan to arrive a day early.

It's ridiculous how excited I am about this. Every time I think about it I break into this huge grin and get a few little butterflies in my stomach. I am going to PAX. I have an appointment with the GW2 crew already, and my little fangirl heart can barely stand that fact.

Shawn told me I'd probably need to look at Aion 2.0 as well, to which I replied "As long as they show me that pet that poops out loot, I'm totally cool with that. I've never seen anything literally crap a weapon before." Aion's been tugging at the edge of my attention anyway, and I may give it a try after PAX. Just need to find space in the budget for a sub game.

But for now, in two days I'll be in Indianapolis for Gen Con with my Kev, and Shawn and Justin from Massively. That's going to be such fun. Matt Forbeck is there, and Felicia Day. I'm hoping for photos with both. Shawn and I interviewed Jeff Grubb a while back, and I'd love the chance to say thanks to the other half of that team for such a great book.

Once I return from Gen Con, I'll resume my countdown to PAX. Lots of prep work to be done: making appointments, confirming reservations, and making sure everything's in place for a Massively fan meetup. (The lovely and talented Seraphina is setting that up.) Every step of the preparation process is just insanely exciting for me, and I hope I can convey that excitement to Massively's readers that week.

(28 days. OMG.)

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