Thursday, August 27, 2009

So much yay right now!

Well, after a crazy busy summer, the kids are back in school, the remodeling is (somewhat) done, and I'm getting back into a routine. (Don't worry, this isn't turning into a non-gaming blog, I promise). It feels great to be settled in again, as much as a mom ever gets settled in. My evenings still seem to be crazy, but I'm used to that. I really enjoy my mornings and daytimes. Once the flurry of getting kids fed and off to school is over, my days fall into a regular routine, and I love that so much. (See? Yay!)

Of course, that routine includes indulging in some uninterrupted gaming time. Love it. Earlier this week I took a break to hang out with Shawn again on Massively Speaking, where I got to squee my little fangirl heart out about Guild Wars 2. I've come down from my initial omgomgomgomgGW2 excitement, but I'm still just loving every piece of information they have given us. Noon in Cologne is 5 AM for me, and I was out of bed at 4:50, watching the live feed, and logged into Skype with an Austrian friend who had kindly agreed to translate for me. The fan excitement was so much fun to watch, I loved it. And hey? If someone could just hook me up with one of those tshirts? That'd be great, thanks. I loved those, and wanted to be in that crowd really badly.

While you're at it, someone needs to have a telethon or something, and sponsor my trip to PAX. I want NCSoft swag!! I'd love to win that art book - given what we've seen so far, you just know it's going to be stunning. I was glad to hear it would be for sale at a later date. If you're heading to PAX, a recap would be more than welcome.

Lunchtime looms, but more squeeing is on the way.